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Why Attend an ITT Information Event?

Why Attend an ITT Information Event?

If you’re interested in training to teach via the SCITT programme but not sure on your next steps, then our popular information events are for you. Whether you’re ready to apply or it’s just an idea, here are five reasons why such an event can help you on your journey to the classroom.

1. Save some time

These events offer you a one-stop shop of information and support. Our expert advisers will help you understand the programme's needs and whether it is the right route for you.  Gain clarity and confidence in your steps to becoming a teacher.

2. Get answers tailored to your circumstances

We understand that everyone’s journey into the classroom is different and your questions may be unique to you and your circumstances. You may have questions about your eligibility or a query about the extra financial support available if you’re a parent or a carer.

We can answer all your questions and maybe some you didn’t know you had!

3. Make connections

These events are a great way of making new connections. You can meet like-minded individuals on their teaching journey and stay in touch with each other through your journey into teaching.

You can also speak to teacher training providers for advice on how to find the right course for you, as well as meeting potential future course leaders or employers. These connections could help you in your journey to a rewarding career in teaching.

4. Meet the experts

At each of our events there are experts and advisers who know the application process and the SCITT teacher training experience inside out.

5. Chat with current teachers and previous programme candidates

At the face-to-face events, you may have the opportunity to have a one-to-one chat with a current teacher who can provide you with insight into what it is really like to train and to be a teacher through the SCITT route. You may wish to ask them to describe their experiences including any fears they had when they started out and how they overcame these challenges.

They can also talk about why they love teaching and how rewarding it is, giving you a balanced view and insight into what the life of a teacher is really like.