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Appropriate Body

Unity Teaching School Hub is an Appropriate Body for ECT Induction, based in Suffolk. We provide support for and quality assurance of the ECT Induction programme.

All qualified teachers who are employed in a relevant school in England must, by law, have completed an induction period satisfactorily, subject to specified exemptions and confirmed by an Appropriate Body.

The appointment of an Appropriate Body is a statutory requirement for the Early Career Teacher (ECT) induction period.

An ECT cannot start their induction until their Appropriate Body has been agreed.

Early Career Framework (ECF) based training is expected to be embedded as a central aspect of this induction; it is not an additional training programme. Retrospective registrations are not possible. All ECTs need an ‘upfront’ contract of at least one term in order to be eligible for induction. In accordance with the statutory guidance the post must be suitable for an ECT.  Please contact us for more advice if there is a concern about the suitability of a particular post.


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What is an Appropriate Body?

Appropriate Bodies independently quality assure statutory induction, ensuring that schools provide adequate support for their ECTs; that their assessment is fair and consistent across all institutions; and that they are receiving a programme of support and training based on the ECF.

An Appropriate Body:

  • has the main quality assurance role within the induction process.
  • is responsible for checking that headteachers/principals have put in place an induction programme for the ECT and ensuring that this programme of support is clearly based on the ECF.
  • will have a role in checking that early career teachers are receiving a programme of support and training based on the ECF. This will be alongside their current role ensuring that new teachers receive their statutory entitlements and are fairly and consistently assessed.
  • ensures that monitoring and support throughout induction is sufficient to mean that there are no surprises when an ECT reaches a formal assessment point.

Full details on the role of Appropriate Bodies associated with the induction of early career teachers from September 2021 are outlined in the DfE's Induction for early career teachers (England).

Steps to take if you appoint an ECT


How to register with Unity Teaching School Hub Appropriate Body

Once you have completed the steps in the flow diagram 'Steps to Take if You Appoint an ECT', you will be able to register on our online portal, ECT Manager. This is a paperless system for recording data securely, submitting assessments, accessing resources, raising alerts and managing ECTs during induction. 

When you register on ECT Manager, please ensure that you have:

  • Your ECT’s teacher reference number
  • Their full name and date of birth
  • Full name of their induction tutor
  • Full name of their mentor

Induction can only commence once we have checked that the information you provide matches data already registered nationally: in the busy summer months please be aware that checks may only be possible within the normal working day period.

UTSH ECT Handbook

Once you have registered on ECT Manager, you will be able to download the ECT Handbook.